Experience the fine wines of Portugal Perfect selections to complement the Petiscos and the Fado!

Below is a listing of the wines intended to be served to date at the event.  These wines have been donated by Vini Portugal (Wines of Portugal).  Actual available wines are subject to delivery and inventory.  We apologize in advance if there are any discrepancies with the wines available.

PRODUCER                                                         WINE                                                                              VINTAGE
NORTICOVINHO                                          VERDE ROSE                                                                      2014

   ADEGA MAE                                                 VIOSINHO BRANCO                                                           2014

  AVELEDA                                                           VINHO VERDE DOC                                                          2014

CAMINHOS CRUZADOS                                     DAO ENCRUZADO TITULAR                                           2014

ADEGA MAEDORY                                                    VINHO BRANCO                                                             2014

QUINTA DA ALORNA                             VINHO REGIONAL TEJO, TOURIGA NACIONAL                             2012

6QUINTA DA ALORN                                            APORTAL DA AGUIA TEJO RED                                      2009

CASA FERREIRINHA                                        QUINTA DA LEDA, DOURO, D.O.C.                                          2011

CASA FERREIRINHAVINHA                                      GRANDE, DOURO, D.O.C.                                                 2011

QUINTA DOS MURCAS                                               RESERVA TINTO DOURO                                          2009

QUINTA FOZ DE AROUCE                          TINTO, BEIRA ATLANTICO                                                        2011

QUINTA SEARA D’ORDENS                               TALENTVS GRANDE ESCOLHA DOURO                            2010

ESPORAO                                                           RESERVA TINTO                                                                  2012

ENCONTRO                                                      VINHO TINTO BAIRRADA                                                     2012

SOGRAPE                                         VINHOSHERDADE DO PESO ALENTEJO COLHEITA                        2013

DAO SULCOLHEITA                                     SELECCIONADA TINTO, DAO CABRIZ                                        2013

CASA ERMELINDA                                                 FREITASTOURIGA NACIONAL                                         2014

JOSE MARIAJOSE DE SOUSA                                                  VINHO REGIONAL ALENTEJANO                  2012

12HERDADE DOS GROUS                                    VINHO REGIONAL ALENTEJANO, TINTO                          2012