It would not be Fado without PETISCOS!

 Presunto Cura Alentejano

Presunto Cura Alentejano

Enjoy authentic Portuguese Petiscos prepared in the traditional styles of the Azores.

NEW this year, Presunto Cura Alentejano. This marvelous ham is cured Portuguese style. Enjoy this ham thinly sliced in a sandwich, rolled around a piece of cheese, or as is!

2018 Fado at the Pines Petiscos

1-Spinach Balls with mustard sauce

2-Shrimp with garlic and red pepper

3-Cod fish puffs with jalapeno sauce

4-Stuffed Mushrooms

5-Linguiça with cheese and olives

6-Cheese board

            Several varieties of cheeses and crackers

7-Lox Board


            2-Dill sauce


             4. Cucumbers

             5.Pickled Onions
             6. Assorted Bredads


             1. Coconut kisses

             3-Lemon bars

Petiscos prepared and served by José & Isilda Raposo and Friends