2019 Fado at The Pines Fadistas


Coimbra Fado (Portuguese: Fado de Coimbra) is a….

genre of fado originating in the city of CoimbraPortugal. While adopted by students at the University of Coimbra, and sometimes known as Student Fado (Fado de Estudante), it is usually considered the typical music of Coimbra itself. Developed from the Iberian lyric style of trovadorismo popular during the Middle Ages, the genre shares additional roots with Occitan troubadors.


Performed with the traditional Guitarra de Coimbra (a kind of Portuguese guitar originating in Coimbra), a modified version of Lisbon's fado guitar allegedly created by Artur Paredes, it is usually accompanied by classic acoustic guitar and male voices.

Sunset Light on Coimbra

Sunset Light on Coimbra